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Walk About Jabee - Four Characters

Regular price $415.00

Walk About Jabees available in four characters; Jaleeza(not shown, check out what she looks like HERE), Jamalian, Jefferson, Jorge. Approximately 5.5" tall.  Entrance through back of head.  Adjustable neck strap. Slippers for puppeteers feet and attached rods at elbows to operate arms.

Jabees are a one or two person "walk about" puppet. One hand is used to operate mouth of puppet and second hand to operate the arm of the puppet.  Second arm can hang freely, be pinned to body or operated by second puppeteer.  Neck strap is also adjustable.  Fits 5ft - 6ft tall puppeteer.

Check out our small Jabee

All puppets are handmade in USA once order is confirmed.  Some variations may occur.  Shade of feather/fabric color may vary per dye batch.