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Can I resell puppets from Out of the Box Puppets?

   At this time we do not have a resellers program.  All puppets should be purchased for your own personal use or gift for someone.  Please do not resell our puppets as new.  If in the future you no longer have need of some of our puppets and what to sell or donate them, just make sure they are represented as used.

Do you sell costumes for puppets?
     Yes, we will custom make other cloths or costumes for our puppets as well puppets purchased from other companies.  Prices vary depending on costume.

Can I request changes to puppets on your site?
     Yes, we will customize most of the puppets. Examples: hair color, add cloths, hats, nose shape, non blacklight version, blacklight version, costumes, larger, smaller etc..  Some changes may be an additional cost.

Do you repair puppets?
     Yes. Please contact us for specific repairs.

What if I assembled my Stringbean incorrectly?
    Oops. All is not lost. We can supply you with replacement parts or we can repair the item. If you choose to return it we will repair it for FREE, but you will need to pay for all shipping cost.

Do arm rods come with the puppets?
     If arm rods are included with a puppet, the item description will say so. Arm rods may be purchased separately for the other puppets.

How do you attach your arm rods?
   Our arm rods are attached to puppet arms with rubber bands. Do not simply loop the rubber band over the puppet's wrist, or you will have very little control. The arm rod will arrive with one end of the rubber band attached, leaving a loop (Figure A). Pull the loop into a circle which is bisected by the rod (Figure B). Pull each side of the loop past the rod and bring them together on the back side of the rod, forming a double strand "C" shape with each end attached to the rod (Figure C). Put the puppet wrist between the "C" and the rod and adjust the rubber band for a tight hold (Figure D). Attach the rod to the inside of the puppet's wrist.

Can I request fabric samples?
     Yes, in most cases you samples are available for the fabrics we carry in stock. Custom dyed fabric may be limited in quantity. Samples are sent free of charge within the USA. Please contact us for shipping cost for international customers.


Will you build copyrighted or trademarked characters?
   No. We can build a similar look, but we will not reproduce an exact likeness.

When I buy your copyrighted puppets, what restrictions apply to me?
     You have the right to perform with your Out of the Box Puppets' puppet on stage and in media, but not to reproduce it in any other form...for example, you do not have the right to make toys that look like our characters. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information on purchasing Sole or Exclusive License to your Custom Puppet.

Can I purchase Sole or Exclusive license to my puppet?
Please see Terms & Conditions

Can my church or ministry get a discount?
     Almost all of our customers are churches or ministries. We try to keep our prices as low as possible.  We do not have special rates for churches, ministries, or missionaries. However, there are many opportunities to save money!
    As a new customer you will receive 10% off your second purchase of puppets, not including custom designs or shipping. When you refer others to Out of the Box Puppets, please give them your name.  When they purchase you will receive a discount credit based on their purchase towards your next purchase. You can save up this credit to earn FREE stuff. We do offer discounts on multiple purchases similar puppets or bulk orders of some supplies.

Can I return something if I don't like it?
  All sales are final unless product is defective.  Please contact us with in 15 days of delivery for return and repair approval for defective product.