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Walk About Body - Promises

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Walk About Body - Promises

Body attaches around puppeteers neck as well as strap around waist of puppeteer.  This is a human arm puppet; comes with gloves in matching skin color depending on Head choosen.  If you are using it with your own puppet head, please let us know what skin color for the neck and gloves. Can be paired with Shaggy, Jayson, Reid or Ezio 'Just A Head' puppet.  HEAD WILL BE SEPARATE UNLESS YOU SPECIFY OTHERWISE. If you choose a yellow skin puppet head then shirt will be orange, yellow vest and yellow pants.

Puppet's legs are attached to slippers that look like shoes.  Shoes, arms and body to be operated by one puppeteer while second puppeteer operates head.


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Body Only

Ezio Head - Orange skin, yellow hair

Reid Head - Yellow skin, orange hair.

Shaggy Head - Yellow skin, yellow and orange shaggy hair.

Jayson Head - Yellow skin, square orange hair.

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All puppets handmade when order is placed. Slight variations may occur. Pants color may vary depending on availability at time of order.