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Tanesha Walk About

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Blacklight Walk About puppet comes with 'Just A Head" Tanesha. Rods in elbows and poseable fingers for puppet handsĀ or human hand (shown in photo)Ā options. Approximate body height 4' 2", Head 13" tall, 13" wide. Ā Overall height approximately 5.25'. Walk About Tanesha can be operated by 1 or 2 puppeteers. Check out smaller version Tanesha or "Just A Head" Tanesha.

Please choose Head and Arm style before adding to cart:

Head Style:

Attached to body (additional cost) Pros: easier to keep head centered. Cons: harder for one person to operate, can only be used with this body.

Detached - Pros: use with other bodies, or costumed puppeteer. Cons: harder to keep centered.

Arm Style:Ā 

Human Arm

Puppet Arm w/rods (additional cost)


All puppets handmade in USA. Ā Variations may occur. Ā Colthing and hair color may vary depending availability at time of order.