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Tanesha Walk About

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Blacklight Walk About puppet comes with 'Just A Head" Tanesha. Rods in elbows and poseable fingers for puppet hands or human hand (shown in photo) options. Approximate body height 4' 2", Head 13" tall, 13" wide.  Overall height approximately 5.25'. Walk About Tanesha can be operated by 1 or 2 puppeteers. Check out smaller version Tanesha or "Just A Head" Tanesha.

Please choose Head and Arm style before adding to cart:

Head Style:

Attached to body (additional cost) Pros: easier to keep head centered. Cons: harder for one person to operate, can only be used with this body.

Detached - Pros: use with other bodies, or costumed puppeteer. Cons: harder to keep centered.

Arm Style: 

Human Arm

Puppet Arm w/rods (additional cost)


All puppets handmade in USA.  Variations may occur.  Colthing and hair color may vary depending availability at time of order.