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This puppet is worn by one puppeteer dressed in black. Under the blacklight, Stringbeans can run, jump, dance...anything your puppeteer can imagine! Stringbeans fit puppeteers that are 5'2" -5'7". For taller Puppeteers  please request extender strap (fits up to 5'10"). 

See them in action here: DIVE

Please choose color before adding to cart:

Stringbeans are available in green, orange, or yellow  Also available in printed fabric. Customer service representative will contact you with print options.


Stringbeans require some assembly.  Each piece (arms, legs, torso etc, ) joins with a simple to attach doll joint. Joints are PERMANENT once attached. Please read assembly instructions BEFORE assembling your Stringbean.    When storing Stringbean DO NOT BEND AT SHARP ANGLES. We are not responsible for incorrectly assembled pieces.  If you have a question about the Stringbean please contact us before purchasing or assembling your product.


All puppets are handmade in the USA.  Slight variations may occur.