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Christmas Combo

Regular price $442.00

Christmas Combo - 1 Tree, 2 Holly and 2 Bells (Orange and Yellow) 15% off SAVE $78

1 Blacklight Christmas Tree Puppet - 24" tall with 6" stem. Overall height 30". 10" wide at bottom. Stem is entrance for puppeteer's hand.

2 Blacklight Christmas Bells - 12"-15" tall approximately 9.5" wide.  Entrance from back cover with black hand cover.  Lower jaw is hidden below rim of bell until mouth is opened.  1 in yellow, 1 in orange with each with different eyes.

2 Blacklight Holly Puppets - Holly leaves are approximately 17" tall and puppet is 16" at widest point of both holly leaves.  Holly Berry is 6.5" x 6.5" covered in pink fleece. Leaves are accented with blacklight green and yellow paint.  1 with and 1 without eyelashes.


All puppets are handmade once order is placed.  Slight variations may occur.  Shade of fabrics may vary depending on dye batch at time of order.