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Walk About Frazzled

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Frazzled is 35" tall from top of head to bottom of body with 31" legs and 12-14 " hair. Neck strap and Legs are adjustable.  Shortest height of puppet approximately 61", tallest height 66". The legs attach to the puppeteer with elastic around ankles and bottom of feet.

He fits puppeteers approximately 4 1/2 ft - 5 1/2 ft.   

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Arm Options

Spandex stuffed arms and pink gloves. 

Feather arms and pink gloves.


Color Options: 

Yellow with pink beak

Orange with yellow beak (Smaller puppet for color example only) 


Frazzled is just one of six Frequent Flyers: Frazzled, Grins, Kissy Face, Pucker Up, Snozz and Cheeky (All can be made into Walk About versions)

 All puppets are handmade in the USA.  Slight variations may occur.