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Heady JAH

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"HEADY" with blinking eyes comes complete with hair, eyes, eyelids with optional pink eyelashes, nose and mouth. Lips 13"x9", Eyes/Nose Face 15"x"9, Hair approximately 15". Fully assembled approximately 30" This puppet can be operated by one puppeteer, but you will need a second puppeteer to operate the blinking eyes. All of Heady's features are removable so you can use Heady in any combination; just lips, eyes and lips, etc.  Heady's lips are attached with straps which allow them to move freely from side to side and back to front, giving them the appearance that they are floating independently from the rest of the features.  

Please choose print style for hair before adding to cart:

Multi colored prints for each strand

Same print color for each strand


All puppets are handmade in the USA.  Slight variations may occur.