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Under Sea Combo

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Blacklight Under the Sea

Combo 1.  Includes 1 basic Jellyfish , 1 Starfish, 1 Clam  and 1 Crab (colors will vary) Save 10% $43.90

Combo 2 includes 1 Seahorse, 1 Lobster, 1 Eel and 1 Fish. (Colors will vary)Save 10% $48.50

 COMBO 3 includes 1 Seahorses, 1 Lobster, 1 Eel, 1 basic Jellyfish, 1 Fish, 1 Starfish, 1 Clam, 1 Crab Save 15% $138.60



Jellyfish: 1" foam construction. Entrance from back covered with black velvet cover.  Jellyfish tenticle print colors will vary depending on fabric availability at time of purchase.  13" round cap with 12 tenticles. Available in Pink, Green, Orange or Yellow

Starfish: 1" foam construction. 20" tall, 22" wide.   Available in yellow, Pink or orange colored fleece with multi colored accents.

Clam1" foam construction.  Approximately 12" x 10" Print colors will vary depending on fabric availability at time of purchase.


Blacklight Seahorse: Approximately 25” tall from top spike to bottom of curl.  Entrance from back of head. Eye shape may vary. Yellow with orange accents, Green with pink accents, Pink with yellow accents and Orange with yellow accents.

Blacklight Lobster.  21" tall, 8" wide.  Available in Orange, Green, Yellow, and Pink.  Hand entrance in back of neck/head.

Blacklight Eel Yellow fleece and pink wiggle print body.  30" long, entrance from below, behind head. Other color options available upon request.

Blacklight Fish.  Is 26 1/2" long and 25 1/2" tall.  Entrance from below. Body print colors will vary depending on availability at time of order.


All puppets are handmade in the USA.  Slight variations may occur. Colors will vary.