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Walk About Body


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Walk About Body - pair this Body with one of our 'Just A Head' puppets such as Tyler, Shaggy or Jayson.


Body attaches around puppeteers neck along with strap around waist of puppeteer.  This is a human arm puppet; comes with gloves in matching skin color depending on Head choosen.  If you are using it with your own puppet head, please let us know what skin color for the neck and gloves.


Puppet's legs are attached to slippers that look like shoes.  Shoes, arms and body to be operated by one puppeteer while second puppeteer operates head.


Clothing colors may vary depending on optional Head if choosen.


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Photos show in order

Just Puppet Body

Jayson Head - Yellow Skin, square orange hair.

Shaggy Head - Yellow skin, yellow and orange shaggy hair.

James Head - Orange skin, yellow fur hair.

Tyler Head - Peach/Flesh skin, orange fur hair.




Please allow 3-4 weeks plus delivery time.

Product Code: WABody-Vest

Customer Reviews

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Best Puppet Yet

Just got this puppet and it is awesome. Quality work, easy to work and will enjoy for many years!

Kelly :: 16 Apr 2014, 15:57

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