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Dome - Small Half Dome - Blacklight


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Product Information

Sm. Half Dome Puppet Eyes (Shown on most Blacklight Puppets) 1 3/8" - 1 set with washers = 2 eyes.

These eyes are blacklight reactive(purple/blue under the blacklight).

Product Code: EYES-Sm

Customer Reviews

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Half dome eyes are excellent

These eyes are very well made. They are slightly smaller than a 35mm ping pong ball, so keep that in mind. The only issue is that they are very reflective. However, I just lightly rubbed sandpaper over it and now they look very good.

Ethan F :: 22 Oct 2017, 13:55

Blink! Great "look"

I received the half dome eyes that are so elusive to find in "regular" world! They are the perfect size for my puppet adventures! Pricing is really good! Will order in bulk next time for even better pricing!

Marcia D :: 23 May 2017, 18:46

My favorite eyes!

I love building using these - much sturdier than vac forms or ping pong balls, with a nice shine to them (may have to be dulled for camera, but great for walkarounds), and a great size. The large ones are equally cool, but are very big. I'd say order a couple of each - you'll always need spares if you're building!

Lee T :: 13 Dec 2016, 00:14

Great product

First build ever, these were perfect. Very professional looking. Beats breaking out the old jigsaw to slice a ping pong ball in half. Thank you!

James T :: 29 Jun 2016, 12:56

Great eyes

Love these eyes!!!!

Sheree B :: 26 Nov 2015, 21:06

Satisfied Customer

I'm totally satisfied with these eyes...they are perfect. My search is over...I'll be back.

Darlene S :: 28 Sep 2015, 09:25

Great Product, Great Supplier!

Love ordering from here! I always order here, because these eyes are perfect and so is the customer service that Out Of The Box Puppets provides!!

Derek L :: 02 Jun 2015, 14:10

Love these!

Very versatile, easy to attach, and in a great size. Combine that with reasonable prices and excellent service, and these are an all-around winner.

Izzy C. :: 01 Nov 2014, 23:20

Perfect small eyes

These eyes were wonderful, I love the bulk pricing, and they are so easy to use. I paired them with a set of large eyes to make a four eyed monster. I even covered one completely with fleece to make a perfectly round nose.

Ryan A :: 17 Sep 2014, 12:57

Great Eyes, Great Size

These eyes are perfect for a wide range of puppets. Well made, they add an nice professional touch.

Max P :: 19 Aug 2014, 18:48

Great Eyes

These eyes are amazing. Great product that is easy to use and looks amazing.

Matt S :: 19 Jun 2014, 08:21

Great Product...

Great product, great price and very prompt delivery. So glad I've found a site I can buy these eyes from. They are perfect for puppets!

Willow S :: 11 Jun 2014, 17:03


Awesome product. Excellent price! Who could ask for more?

JMR :: 05 Jun 2014, 21:48

Highly Recommended

We recommend these eyes from Out of the Box Puppets to our customers all the time. They are the best solution for easy/quick puppet eyes. We recommend a light sanding (with a high grit sandpaper) and then a coat or two of white flat or satin spray paint to take down the shine (especially for puppets to be used on film or video).

Project Puppet :: 04 Jun 2014, 13:48

Great Eyes!

I bought a set of the large and small eyes to try them out. Good, solid product. Good price.

Linda A. :: 04 Jun 2014, 12:02

Great eyes!

These eyes are great for smaller puppet characters! A must have! Easy to attach with included washers!

Anonymous :: 30 Apr 2014, 08:37

Great Deal!

The small dome eyes are perfect for puppets! There are so many things you can do with these little beauties...the possibilities are endless. Fast delivery and easy on the wallet. THANKS!

Bob Brown :: 18 Feb 2014, 11:29

Great Puppet Eyes

These eyes are great for making puppets. Great quality, fast service, and a good price.

Softisticated Toys :: 03 Feb 2014, 15:56

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