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Dome - Large Half Dome - Blacklight


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Product Information

Lg. Half  Dome Puppet Eyes (1 3/4") 1 set with washers = 2 eyes

These are blacklight reactive(purple/blue under the blacklight).

Product Code: EYES-Lg

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic eyes

These eyes look great in a variety of puppet characters. Easy to attach with included washers!

Anonymous :: 05 Jul 2014, 18:31


The Out Of The Box Puppet large domes are perfect for eyes, noses and other project features. They are sturdy can be painted to meet your projects needs. Thanks for being the "go to" source for these great domes, and the bulk pricing is great!

Bob B :: 05 Jul 2014, 18:30

Wonderful Product

These eyes are great for puppet-building and are a must have in any studio.

Fuzzhead Puppets :: 05 Jul 2014, 18:30

somebody's watching me

fantastic eyes

Chris C :: 05 Jul 2014, 18:28

Highly Recommended

We recommend these eyes from Out of the Box Puppets to our customers all the time. They are the best solution for easy/quick puppet eyes. We recommend a light sanding (with a high grit sandpaper) and then a coat or two of white flat or satin spray paint to take down the shine (especially for puppets to be used on film or video).

Project Puppet :: 05 Jul 2014, 18:27

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